Private Label & Packaging

Dealar supports the branding of your logo on products and packaging to help your business grow.



Private labeling on products

The vast majority of products can be labeled with your own logo, and the most common private label products include apparel, cosmetics, electronic accessories, etc. There are different labeling techniques for different product materials, and you can choose according to your budget and MOQ.
Below I briefly introduce part of labeling techniques.
-Laser engraving: For metal and glass products, laser printing is a great choice. It is detailed and textured. Because there is no plate, the MOQ is usually within acceptable range.
-Stickers: Stickers are perhaps the easiest and cheapest labeling process. You can freely customize the size and style of the sticker, there is little restriction, widely used in a variety of materials products
-Screen printing: Suitable for labels with a single color. It has texture, is not easy to lose color and is inexpensive.

Customized product packaging

Packaging that is exclusive to your brand helps deepen customers' impressions of you. You can also release limited packaging according to holidays and products to boost sales.
-General packaging: The material of this packaging is usually cardboard, with different sizes available. The design printed on the inside and outside of the package can be customized. It is very flexible and cheap.
-Gift box packaging: The release of limited edition gift boxes at the right time can often greatly boost sales. The printing of this type of packaging is much more exquisite compared to general packaging and is particularly suitable for relatively high-grade products.

Pick Up Products At Local Warehouses

Dealar has set warehouses and offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait
You can select the products you intend to sell on site and communicate your requirements face-to-face with our local sourcing agents. You can also inspect the quality of your products by yourself once they arrive at the warehouse. 
It is easy and safe to collaborate with Dealar.