I'm a Retailer or Dropshiper
    How to start a business on Dealar
    • Q: How long does it take to deliver?

      A: Dealar has mature warehousing and distribution centers in China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and other core countries in Mena, as well as Europe, to ensure that your orders are delivered to customers with high-quality services within the specified time. If your delivery address is in the GCC area or Europe, we will complete the air shipment within 7-12 days, and complete the sea shipment within 35-50 days, door-to-door service.

    • Q: Which countries are supported?

      A: If your business is located in GCC countries or Europe, we will provide you with the most reliable service. If your business is located in other markets around the world, we are also very honored to explore the possibility of business growth with you.

    • Q: What are the advantages over Alibaba?

      A: Better quality, faster logistics, lower price. Facing the GCC and European markets, Dealar has a richer supply chain and a more complete warehousing and logistics system than Alibaba. Dealar Always Strives to Maximize Your Profits.

    • Q: How do I find what I need?

      A: You can search on the product list or contact the sourcing agent to find the product you want.

    • Q: How do I get a Product Quotation ?

      A: Dealar has provided you with the best quotation including production cost and transportation cost. You can directly refer to the MOQ and price on our product list. If the product list cannot meet your needs, you can also contact us by sourcing agent.

    • Q: How do I choose the shipping method and shipping time ?

      A: Except for bulky products that can only be shipped by sea, Dealar supports both sea and air transportation for all products. You can choose flexibly according to your demand for timeliness and cost, and Dealar will provide you with customs clearance and distribution services that match the most professional logistics providers in the industry. The time limit for air shipment is usually about 7-14 days, and the time limit for sea freight is usually about 45-60 days.

    • Q: What is Dealar's wholesale policy?

      A: Dealar is committed to providing you with the most competitive quotes in the industry, and we hope that every cooperation with you is as simple and efficient as possible to reduce unnecessary costs. Dealar recommends that you use online payment or transfer to complete the transaction, and promises to guarantee the quality of products and logistics services. Therefore does not support the return of purchased products.