How to start an online business?

    You have to find a way to sell that works for you.

    For those who are just starting a business, online sales are a great choice, because online sales are growing rapidly and there are huge opportunities.

    There are 4 ways to sell online recommended for you:

    • Amazon, Fordeal, etc. are the most popular online sales platform. Their convenience is that you need to do very little. You only need to prepare the products and do not need to care about logistics.However, their threshold is relatively high, and they often need to stock up the products to the warehouse, which requires a certain amount of capital.

    • FBM is an other option, Amazon does not recommend merchants to use the FBM model. Its advantage is that it does not require the products to be stocked in the Amazon's warehouse. It first publishes the product information to Amazon, waits for the customer to place an order, and then sends the product to the customer through the Dealar order. Since Dealar supports minimum 1 item shipment, this method is risk-free.

    • Selling on Tiktok,Snapchat,Youtube,Instagram is also a good option, these social platforms have a large number of customers. Attract customers' attention by posting excellent product pictures or videos. Get interested customers to contact you on WhatsApp, which ultimately leads to a transaction. When the transaction is completed, the product is delivered to the customer through Dealar Dropshipping. The process is also simple and low risk.

    • A more professional way is to use Shopify to build your own e-commerce website, then publish the products on the website, and then promote the website through social media. Dealar and Shopify can complete the system docking, and can simply import orders to Dealar, and finally complete the delivery.