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Speedy Express
Product Type
General Cargo
Dealar Logistics

Estimated Price

47.64 SAR

Over 20% cheaper

Other Logistics Service Suppliers

Estimated Price

58.96 SAR

The Estimated prices include the cost of shipping, customs clearance and local delivery.

Air Door-to-Door

Provide one-stop service with delivery and customs clearance (lower declared value)

E-Commerce Logistics Solution

Provide COD services with a guaranteed delivery rate, making fulfillment easier.

FBA/FBN First Leg Transportation

Deliver goods to Amazon and Noon warehouses safely and on time.

Over 6 years of experience in GCC

Total Tons

Why Choose Dealar Logistics

Unbeatable Price

There is no minimum weight limit. You can pay by actual weight for less than 1kg.

Stable Transit Time

We have Long-term cooperative relations with many airlines and shipping companies.

Global Warehouses

We have warehouses set up in China & GCC to collect, pack and split deliveries.

Strong Customs Ability

We take care of import/export customs clearance and all customs procedures.

What Clients Say

Dealar Logistics consistently impresses with their swift delivery times, ensuring our products always arrive on schedule.

Trading company director

With Dealar, we get to enjoy not only their reliable service but also their surprisingly low shipping costs.

Personal e-commerce

The excellent service provided by Dealar Logistics team always goes above and beyond, consistently making each transaction smooth and trouble-free.

Personal e-commerce

Cooperation Process

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Send goods to our warehouse

Ship to your country

Import&Export Customs Clearance

Deliver to your door

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