Christmas Warm Round Rug Carpets for Living Room Soft

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    【Comfy Living】
    Put it in your comfortable living room or bedroom. Very soft and comfortable feeling. Perfect match with your home design! Imagine how relaxed it will be when you step on this 5cm plush carpet and return to your warm home after a long day of work. Very suitable as a holiday gift.
    Plush material, elastic, anti-wrinkle, not easy to fade
    Hair length is 4.5cm, soft, comfortable and friendly skin texture
    There are many colors and sizes, and can be customized. Contact customer service
    The maximum width is 200cm, and the length is not limited. If you need a larger size, it needs to be spliced and produced.
    For simple dust, take the carpet outdoors and pat the dust and hair on the surface of the carpet vigorously; if the carpet is dirty, it is best to wash the plush carpet with dry cleaning, and pay attention to the cleaning strength so as not to damage the fluff of the product. Blow dry with a hair dryer after cleaning, the effect is very good.
    【Multi Use】
    This plush carpet has a very chic and fashionable appearance, which is very suitable for indoors, living rooms, terraces, bedrooms, entrance passages, corridors, etc.
    【Satisfaction Guarantee】
    This product is machine-cut and cut, there may be slight differences, but if you are not satisfied with our product, we will provide a 100% return refund within 30 days of your receipt.
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