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    Reason 1:Zowee hammock with two hammock tree straps. 250cm long x 2.1cm wide, 15+1 loops (32 ), 600+ lbs per strap (1200+lbs ). no-stretch heavy duty triple stitched seams. Over 18 feet apart and easy to find two trees, posts, large rocks, roof racks, boat masts, docks, and more to hang Zowee hammock. Reason 2: We use 2 black carabiners 2,248-pound rating for hammocks. No sharp make them quickly open one-handed and prevent them from snagging and ripping straps accidentally. Upgraded straps connected carabiners and hammock make it stronger. Reason 3:Zowee hammock uses new nylon material.It is soft, breathable, mildew-resistant nylon and more comfortable. Triple interlocked stitches make the hammock stronger and keep your safety. Hammock size to 55''W x 102'' L. It's more comfortable. Packing:One hammock,Two tree straps,Two D-style carabiners; Max weight capacity:Up to 550bs.