Ribbon Light Christmas Christmas Tree Ornam

    US$ 1.70

    Style: Style1

    Number: 1#


    1 Piece
    US$ 1.70
    per piece


    Ship from Oversea to United States
    Ship by
    Logistics time
    Price Include Freight
    Air Freight
    Average time: about 20-40 days
    price include freight: US$ 8.40
    Due to platform rules, the product does not contain batteries and needs to be purchased by yourself
    According to the reactions of other buyers, the plastic models may be damaged due to collisions during transportation, please don't worry and please don't give bad reviews, contact us and we will give you a satisfactory solution.
    1M and 2M are Coin-cell battery,The required battery model is CR2032.
    like this:
    5M and 10M ,The required battery are AA battery. 
    5M needs two AA batteries,10M needs three AA batteries.
    like this:
    Hello friends, if the product has any use problems or quality problems, please contact our customer service first. We will send you the use video of the product privately. If the product is damaged, please don't give us a bad Evaluation immediately, I also  that you can contact our customer service we understand your and  you could give us a chance, we will give you a satisfactory solution!thank you.