2/4PC Spice Bottle Storage Wall Mount Ingredient

    US$ 0.40-0.59

    Style: Style2

    Style: 1#


    1 Piece
    US$ 0.59
    per piece


    Ship from Oversea to United States
    Ship by
    Logistics time
    Price Include Freight
    Air Freight
    Average time: about 20-40 days
    price include freight: US$ 7.40
    : After receiving it, please press the glue on the back of the clip firmly to make the glue stick to the product tightly, and wipe the place to be installed without leaving any stains. After installation, let it sit for a few hours before using. Many customers will fall off after receiving them because they are not pasted properly. We have tested this viscosity is very high enough to support the seasoning bottle