Slide Kitchen Fridge Organizer Freezer Storage Space Sa

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    Slide Kitchen Fridge Freezer Storage Rack
    1. This is a convenient storage organizer for your refrigerator or kitchen.
    2. It keeps your gadgets organized and your refrigerator neat.
    3. Smooth design, easy to place/remove items.
    4. It makes your refrigerator roomier and easier to store.
    5. Made of straw, it is non - toxic and wear - resistant.
    6. Make the most of your refrigerator, organize things and keep them organized.
    7. Cab can be used for refrigerator, kitchen pantry or for storing fruits, eggs, snacks, etc.
    Material: Resin,Plastic
    Color: Blue, Pink, Green, White
    Size: Show as picture
    Size: 15.5*16.5*7cm
    Package Included: 1 x Fridge Storage Rack